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February 4, 2013

Work on the Superego in Houston Texas

inner judgeByron Brown will be facilitating a Soul without Shame workshop in Huston TX March 22 – 24

Soul without Shame by Byron Brown

  • 4.5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon Reviews – Personally and as a mental health therapist this is one of the most effective presentations I have read with regard to recognizing, confronting, and changing unhelpful and ineffective intra- and interpersonal patterns. If one is ‘ready, ‘ for a personally fulfilling joruney, this text will serve as a welcome guidepost. Thanks Byron Brown.
  • I went into town yesterday, have some time off work, and made an appointment to discuss the tattoo I plan to get. Then after this I passed this secondhand bookstore, and just got prompted to go buy the book in there waiting for me. Took me 3 minutes flat to get it. These days I read very seldom, but this book is exactly what I need to study right now! 
  • Exposing my voice of self-judgment transmutes it into a gift of understanding and insight after which joy can once again arise and take more of the space that is its, and my own, rightful due.  Now, instead of seeing my journey as one that should be concluded and being hard on myself because it is not, I see my journey and myself with a gentleness I could not access before as it was hidden underneath the protective layer of the voice of judgment.  I have always known, intellectually, that learning and growth is a life long journey.  Now I know it and accept it with a graciousness that only comes from the light.  It is a good reminder in this season of amplification.
  • I’ve been fortunate to read many books and several of them have had profound effects on my personal philosophies and life views. There are a few books that have truly changed my life though and I can say without a doubt, that Soul Without Shame is one of those. In fact, if I were to subtitle this article, it would read, Soul Without Shame, The Book that Saved My Life”.
  • This is a must-have book for me! Again, one of those that bears reading over and over as a refresher! It serves as “A Guide to Liberating Yourself from the Judge Within” – (superego stuff!). This book is used in A. H. Almaas’ Diamond Heart work, of which my psychotherapist is a certified instructor in Houston.

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