Feedback from Workshop Attendees

I attended Byron’s course last month and really enjoyed it. He is a wonderful teacher who has depth, presence and palpable stillness.  The exercises and the inquiry questions led me to really feel and sense my soul and be able to feel my superego in action.

Even though there were times I felt scared, I felt so held by the group in general that going deeper was possible.  All of the teaching, inquiry and exercises blended so well. I now have some tools now to practice with.

There needs to be a bumper sticker that says, “Hey, Super Ego, go take a hike off a short pier and never come back.”  Let my Soul alone to experience in all its fullness.

I realized he is doing a course again in Berkeley in the Fall and I hope to return, because I was just getting my feet wet.  – P.

Feedback from participants at the Guest House workshop: Please articulate how you were affected by the retreat and your work.

“It exposed many “ways of my being” that I was not so aware of and helped the process along. It has allowed me to experience my fears and identifications–all to the good!”

“Work on the superego is something everyone should undertake.”

“At this point the clearest effect is a much greater appreciation of the pervasiveness of the superego and its pernicious impact on my life.”

“Found out just how much influence my superego has in my life. Felt it very comforting and relieving to be with others who are affected by the superego. The field was very supporting. Loved the opportunity to work with the teacher during the sessions. “

“I was affected by recognizing how abusive and hurtful my superego is and also cracking open past hurt of trauma. I am experiencing a greater depth of acceptance and loving kindness when I feel the effects of the hurt and anger.”

“I had a very big realization and finally got the tools to start working on my relationship. I feel that something inside has changed. I am also happy to be part of something so true and big.”

“I am not a Diamond Heart member, but I have read Soul Without Shame and worked with those principles for about a year on my own and with my therapist. Byron’s exercises and lectures made the teachings came alive for me. In the exercise on disengaging from the judge – I was able to do that and to feel in my body the difference of when I had successfully silenced him and when he was still active. The body exercises from that morning were very helpful in this. I have read that chapter many times and never was able to do this. It is exciting to know what it feels like! The sharings took my breath away. We all suffer the same pain and grief and deep wounds. Although I know this intellectually, this is the first time I encountered it in a living way.”

“Byron was an extraordinary teacher. I loved his presentation style and the clear way he outlined the material. His example of compassion was very touching as he addressed participant’s pain and questions. The variety of exercises-experiences were very helpful, beneficial in creating space and practice for my awareness.”

“I felt listened to and supported by my companions. I felt, too, Byron to be a true listener, and learned, as a fairly new beginner to this work that part of it is about allowing space.”

“I have sat with energy this retreat that I haven’t felt in myself for a long time. The exercises were incredibly powerful.”

“I think I got some distance from the judge. I have some clairty of concepts. I have more freedom of being.”

More Praise for Byron’s Soul without Shame workshops –

“I attended the Soul Without Shame workshop a couple of weekends ago. I had never done the Diamond Approach work, though I came with a friend who has been doing it for some time. I practice in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. The program was very moving for me on many levels, and I thank you for your presence, skillful facilitation, and holding the space so well.”

“It was one of the best things that had happened to me in many years.  In some moments during the workshop I felt really liberated from the judge and it felt wonderful, liberating and innocent.  I never had such clarity and understanding like on the moments when I was following your explanations and exercises. I am still using the Active disengagement approach and on some occasions it works quite well. “