What does the Inner Critic Judge?

August 11, 2011

What Areas of Your Life does the Inner Critic Attack?

inner critic judgmentJudgment is ubiquitous. It can arise in relation to any part of your life. You can, and will, find yourself under attack about your behavior, your relationships, your friends and colleagues, your family, your belongings, your home, your habits, your attitudes, your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and dreams, your inner work, even your judgments of yourself and others. Because of this fact, this book focuses more on the form and process of judgment than on the content. Ultimately, the many objects of self-attack are interchangeable. One moment you may feel attacked for the unsatisfying relationship you are in, and the next moment the attack has shifted to your appearance, followed by the state of your kitchen. Moments later, you are attacking yourself for your depressed and hopeless attitude about things, whereupon you find yourself righteously critical of the garden crew mowing the lawn next door. When you have a little distance, the chameleon-like quality of the judge’s concerns can sometimes become quite laughable.

Nevertheless, in the interest of developing awareness of self-judgment, when it arises and why, it can be helpful to look at the significant areas of self-attack that almost everyone deals with:

  • Your Body
  • Your Job
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Inner Work


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Elizabeth Wolfson September 4, 2011 at 1:49 pm

I am an editior of the Psychotherapy section of the website allthingshealing.com and I read excerpts from your book with great interest. I am writing to seek permission to post a longer version of one of your excerpts particularly that which appears here on “What Does the Inner Critic Judge” however, our readers would need a longer version of this article or a link to access a fuller version. If you prefer to have another article published, feel free to suggest but any article submitted would need to have be a bit longer than what you have posted here.

Full credit will be noted and we would use a bio and photo of your choice (you may direct us to a website if there is one that already carries this information)

I can also include any links for any other information that you would like to include (contact info, promoting books or speaking engagements etc). I see you are speaking in Berkeley at the end of Sept and if you wish, it is very likely we could direct readers to that workshop in advance.

Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD., LCSW
Editor, Psychotherapy Section

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