Inner Critic – Shape-Shifter

July 31, 2011

Inner Critic Attacks Become More Subtle

inner critic disapprovalMuch more could be said and written about working with judgment (inner critic). Many aspects become apparent only after years of travel and unraveling your experiences along the way. Two such complex issues have been touched on here only briefly: approval as the positive side of judgment and self-hatred as the primal energetic force that drives self-attack. These concerns lie in the territory of further maps.

As the journey continues, judgment appears in shifting guises. Sometimes the judge (inner critic) becomes subtle and seductive as it turns you against yourself. Other times it is a vicious demon: brutal, raw, and totally without disguise. Then again, judgment can seem formless and pervasive, a background fog of wrongness or energy-sapping anxiety. Or it may live completely inside and without words, more alive in your cells than as content in your mind. Instances of feeling so merged with negativity that you are unable to separate yourself are especially disconcerting when you have long been clear about the distinction between you and the one who stirs such self-attack.

But do not be discouraged. However the judge (inner critic) shows up, your true nature can support you on the journey. The real map is ready to reveal itself inside you. Your soul has a greater intelligence than you can imagine, presenting you with experience you can work with and understand.

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