Inner Critic Lives in the Past

September 30, 2011

Your Superego / Inner Critic are Stuck in the Past

Superegos and inner critics around the globe are interested in one thing only – maintaining the status quo. Superegos are stuck in the past. Inner critics are talking to children, not adults. We can’t rationalize with our inner critic. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t by our superego. Why do continue to try? Have you ever won an argument with your superego? Really? Dream on.

almaas essenceThe ego automatically and unconsciously responds to the superego with repression of parts of the personality, to defend itself against its painful attacks. An effective way to deal with the superego is to learn to defend against its attacks in a different way, without having to use repression and the other unconscious defense mechanisms of the ego. The method has to be conscious and intentional, in contrast to the habitual automatic ways that can only foster unconsciousness. . . . For instance, if the man responds with: “Father, it’s not true I am feminine and weak. Tenderness is good and does not mean weakness or femininity,” then he is being reasonable with a superego that is not really rational. Also, he probably has tried this response many times but without success because in this response the man is on the defensive; he is trying to justify his feeling and to account to somebody else for its being okay. Any justification already implies some guilt, and so it won’t work. –  Almaas, Essence, pp. 137-138

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