Attachment to the Inner Critic (Superego)

July 20, 2011

Engagement Versus Disengagement with the Inner Critic You have seen that your ability to identify judgments as attacks and respond to them appropriately and effectively is usually blocked. This is because although some part of you recognizes the attack as dangerous and responds to ward off or minimize the emotional and physical effects of the […]

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Do You Judge & Criticize?

July 15, 2011

Exploring Our Judgments & Criticism So far we have been examining judgment from the point of view of the one being attacked. This is important because it is from this position that you begin to notice judgment and the suffering it causes. But both sides of the judgment process exist inside you. A full exploration […]

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The Inner Critic Knows Best

July 13, 2011

The Inner Critic – Superego – Judge Always Knows Best …if you believe its line of reasoning – damned if you do, damned if you don’t! Some of you may remember the TV series “Father Knows Best” from the 1950’s. While it’s often true (mostly true) when we are very young that our parents know […]

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Inner Judging – Why the Inner Critic/Superego?

July 8, 2011

Why does the Inner Critic or Superego Beat Us Up? As you tune in to the inner judging process, you may experience the judge (inner critic, superego) as an omnipresent voice, hovering in the background, speaking familiar phrases. As you notice what it is telling you, you recognize that it is drawing from a huge […]

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Inner Critic (Superego) & Inner Activity

July 2, 2011

Inner Critic (Superego) Keeps Us from Inner Peace One characteristic of daily life that increases and decreases in intensity but never seems to disappear is a sense of busyness or constant activity. It is common to experience the nonstop quality of external activity, but equally pressing is the activity of the mind—the agitation, restlessness, preoccupation, […]

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Inner Critic Versus Personal Will

June 24, 2011

How does the judge (inner critic) attack your will? Primarily by telling you that nothing will work unless you apply effort, struggle, and use discipline. “You can’t just sit there, you have to deal with this. Everybody is watching you; what are you going to do? Look what happened to you last time—why do you […]

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Awareness & Superego – Inner Critic

June 22, 2011

Superego, the Inner Critic, the Inner Judge limits our awareness How does inner judgment (super ego, inner critic limit your awareness? The inner judge (inner critic, superego) wants awareness to be secondary to what it considers the correct perspective. In other words, it wants you to look at your experience from a point of view […]

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Judgment – Attacking Ourselves

June 12, 2011

Inner Criticism and Judgment Judgment is ubiquitous. It can arise in relation to any part of your life. You can, and will, find yourself under attack about your behavior, your relationships, your friends and colleagues, your family, your belongings, your home, your habits, your attitudes, your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and dreams, […]

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Presence & Soul

June 11, 2011

Relationship of Presence to the Soul To be in touch with your actual consciousness, which is the substance of your soul, is to be aware of your existence in each moment—to be aware of presence. Presence means the sense of immediate existence or being. And presence is a primary quality of the soul. You cannot […]

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The Nature of the Soul

June 1, 2011

Soul & Consciousness The nature of the soul is pure consciousness, experienced as a field of awareness in relation to physical reality. This field of awareness contains your mind and your body without being bounded by either. Normally you experience yourself as a physical body that has a mind with awareness as one of its […]

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