The Soul

October 2, 2011

What do I mean by soul? Working on disengaging from the superego or inner critic requires a change in focus. Being present to our experience in the moment is required. Attending to our state of consciousness instead of getting lost or entirely wrapped up in the content of our experience needs to be our orientation […]

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Inner Critic Lives in the Past

September 30, 2011

Your Superego / Inner Critic are Stuck in the Past Superegos and inner critics around the globe are interested in one thing only – maintaining the status quo. Superegos are stuck in the past. Inner critics are talking to children, not adults. We can’t rationalize with our inner critic. We’re damned if we do and […]

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Superego Interferes with Being Okay

September 26, 2011

Our superego has evolved from friend to foe Our superego formed to help us be acceptable, now it hinders our sense of being okay. Our conditioning to look for acceptance from the outside keeps the superego empowered to run, ruin and rush our life.

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Creating Ground for Work on the Inner Critic

September 25, 2011

The Judge – Inner Critic – Superego is NOT interested in the Present Working to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of the superego – inner critic and it’s litany of self-judgment requires us to ground ourselves in the present and work with more of our resource than just our mind.

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Engaging the Inner Critic

September 17, 2011

The Inner Critic is NOT an Authority, it’s a Tyrant You have seen that your ability to identify judgments as attacks and respond to them appropriately and effectively is usually blocked. This is because although some part of you recognizes the attack as dangerous and responds to ward off or minimize the emotional and physical […]

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What? No Inner Critic?

September 5, 2011

What’s it like when the Inner Critic stops its incessant chatter? To disengage (from the inner critic / superego) actually means to create a sense of separation. We have been talking about the judgment loop as an internal dynamic focused on maintaining an inner relationship with the other (judge, inner critic, superego, adult, parent). So […]

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What does the Inner Critic Judge?

August 11, 2011

What Areas of Your Life does the Inner Critic Attack? Judgment is ubiquitous. It can arise in relation to any part of your life. You can, and will, find yourself under attack about your behavior, your relationships, your friends and colleagues, your family, your belongings, your home, your habits, your attitudes, your body, your thoughts, […]

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Inner Critic Self-Judgment

August 6, 2011

Self-Judgment, Superego & Disidentification Self-judgment (courtesy of the inner critic or superego) is the constant valuation of yourself according to standards learned in the past. It manifests as attacking and engagement. The more you become conscious of the inner activity of attacking and engagement, the more you realize that almost any mental activity used to […]

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Inner Critic – Shape-Shifter

July 31, 2011

Inner Critic Attacks Become More Subtle Much more could be said and written about working with judgment (inner critic). Many aspects become apparent only after years of travel and unraveling your experiences along the way. Two such complex issues have been touched on here only briefly: approval as the positive side of judgment and self-hatred […]

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Peace & Stillness Antithetical to Inner Critic

July 25, 2011

The Inner Critic Can’t Survive in a Peaceful Mind The judge (inner critic)gets much of its power from your early experiences of being expected to think and produce words. It is not uncommon for a child to have an empty mind when he is absorbed in playing and interacting with his world. But too often […]

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